Louder Than Ever

Were going to be screaming from the roof tops. The orchestra is back in town, and in the city we love the most, Detroit. We can’t believe we’ve been gone for so long but were finally back and ready to take control. We do need to start out by apologizing for our absence, we had a lot of concerts come up throughout the world that we need to complete due to a legally binding contact but now that our contact is over were all yours. Finally the way it should be.

We know that all of you are our biggest fans and we hated not being able to communicate with all of you as much as we would like to but things have changes. We are also going to begin showing you some very important information that can dramatically help you with your orchestras that we have been implementing and it has really helped. It’s call search engine optimization and were going to begin telling you all about it so you can take advantage of it like we have. Get ready, because it’s about to begin very shortly!